Kanaflash is a neat little tool designed to help you learn the japanese alphabets hiragana and katakana.

You will need the Macromedia Flash Player plugin to use Kanaflash, and preferrably a pretty new version of it.

Quick intro & usage:
When you've clicked the link below a popup window will emerge, in there you'll see a random character from either the hiragana or katakana alphabet - it's up to you to write down the roumaji interpretation of the character to get to the next one. You can either use your mouse to click the submit-button or just press the enter-key (the latter is faster :-). If you're unsure of a character and want to know the answer without giving the wrong answer you can click "show answer" at the bottom right.

If you're only out to learn one of the alphabets you can select either one in the upper right corner, when you've made a selection there all the following characters will come from the alphabet you've chosen.
You can also choose wether or not you want to see the accented and double characters, i advice novice users to disable the extra characters and focus on the basic ones. More experienced users should keep it all enabled!

So.. Easy as that. Go ahead and try it - if you have any suggestions on how to improve Kanaflash i'm more than glad to receive them from you!

Newsflash: There's now a Kanaflash-forum at Ichigo.se, feel free to post your comments, criticism and suggestions there! Unfortunately the forum interface is in Swedish by default, but if you register you can choose english as your interface language. Sorry about that.
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Kanaflash is donationware - there's no nags or features removed. Feel free to donate any kind of sum to the project if you feel like it gave you something and that it helped you out.

Kanaflash is a Northcore production. I'm a freelancing graphic designer / webdeveloper - let me know if you have suggestions, criticism or want graphic design or webdevelopment done. .

15-02-2005 Mixed up characters
Unluckily a couple of characters from the katakana alphabet showed up even though you selected to show only hiragana characters. Fixed now! (Thanks Hollander)

03-02-2005 More options available!
Now instead of just choosing between hiragana, katakana or all characters you can choose between between basic, accented and double characters. This is to help newcomers to not have to answer to the harder characters and let more experienced users be relieved from the basic ones.
(Thanks Mathias Johansson)

02-02-2005 First bugs found + statsfix
The hiragana character "yu" was presented as "yo". Thanks to Olof Sjöbergh for reporting this.
I also changed the way the statistics were made, before you got points if you answered correctly to a character you've missed on, now you only get points if you enter it right the first time. Fixed a bug where you scored points even though you've asked for the answer (thanks Pleks).

01-02-2005 First version launched
The first version of the program was launched today. Hopefully it won't contain any severe bugs.

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